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Learning to Lead is critical for success into today's world. No matter what our title is, pay level, industry or experience, all of us are called to be a leader every day. Leading at 90 Below Zero looks at leadership in a unique way-through the lens of Antarctic history.

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The Penguin Principle

Ten Gifts from the World’s Best Performing Team In the Worst Conditions on Earth The Penguin Principle is a fable for our times about Arthur the Penguin and how the struggle to survive gave the penguins ten gifts of true teamwork.

Available in Soft Cover and Kindle.

Selling at 90 below Zero: 5 Lessons for Sales Teams from the Race to the South Pole

Antarctica is the only place in the world where the temperature can reach 90 below zero. Mere existence in these conditions, let alone working, is challenging and difficult.

The same is true in the world of selling. To be a worldclass sales person or sales leader is challenging and difficult. Many valuable lessons for sales people can be learned from the famous race to the South Pole in 1911-1912, where temperatures reached 90 below zero and colder.

Available in Soft Cover and Kindle.

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