Mastering Your Online Presence: It’s EASY!

I grew up in Allentown, PA and attended college in Boulder, CO at the Univ of Colorado.  I remember the day I applied to college as a high school senior.  When filling out the app, I remember coming to the list of school choices within the university that I had to select from.  Music, liberal arts, business, etc.  When it came to the selection of engineering, I instinctively thought “nope, not for me.  I’m not driving a train.”  That gives you a very quick insight into how non-technical I am.

When it comes to web stuff, be it web sites, blogs, social media, etc, my knee jerk reaction is, “not for me, as I’m the guy who did not want to be an engineer because I did not want to drive a train.”  To my surprise, much of effective online activity is not that complicated.  Even a guy who does not want to drive a train can do it.  This blog is an example.

Yesterday, I attended a Vistage seminar led by a guy named Mike Richardson.  The guest presenter was Jason Lavin, CEO of a company called Golden Comm.  I have to tell you that this was one of the best business seminars I’ve attended in years.  Jason showed about 20 people how easy, inexpensive and effective making small changes in your online presence is.  He made online marketing and social media easy.  Trust me, it was not brain surgery.  And this is coming from a guy who did not want to drive a train.  If I got it, you’ll get.  Trust me.  Jason has a lot to offer.  Get to know him!

Antarctic Mike

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