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"Mike's ability to connect his incredible story
to the sales world is amazing."

Gerhadrd Gschwandtner
Founder and Publisher, Selling Power

"Mike made an extra effort to connect
with our audience and he delivered big time!"

Scott Iverson
Watkins Manufacturing

"Antarctic Mike's keynote presentation at
our CMSA annual convention exceeded our
expectations. His ability to engage people in a
story and deliver relevant and useful business
and sales principles was right on!"

Steve Weitekamp
President, California Moving & Storage Association

"Mike is the real thing. He connects with his
audience, makes us think about ourselves
differently, and comes through in a very real way."

Patrick Sweeney
President, Caliper Corporation and Best Selling Author

"Mike's program was one of the very best
and most effective programs I've ever seen.
I have already recommended him to many people!"

Steve Richard
Co-Founder, Vorsight

"Wow, Mike's story and how he taught our
MBA students useful concepts for success in
business was incredible. I've seen a lot of
speakers and Mike is one of the very best you
could ever bring in."

Jeff Klein
Director, Wharton Graduate Leadership Program

"Mike is a master of using his stories as
powerful metaphors to teach useful and
relevant business principles. He left our people
inspired and with great content to take back to
their business."

David Lazarra
Vistage Chair

"Mike's ability to move people through stories
is amazing. He addressed our hockey team
today in Nashville, leaving them with a great
impression that they will be able to remember
and use for the rest of their lives. He is one of
the best speakers I've had address the Predators
in the 15 years that I've been here."

Barry Trotz
Head Coach, Nashville Predators

"Mike is flat out the best speaker we've hired
since I've been CEO at True Blue. He has an
amazing way to not only tell a compelling story,
but more importantly, he has an ability to weave
his stories into the things that are important to our
company without it being forced or cheesy."

Steve Cooper
CEO, True Blue, Inc

"MIke gave a strong keynote address at our
recent Leadership Conference. When the
performance hall experienced an unfortunate
loss of power, Mike kept right on going. Using
only a small flashlight in the complete darkness,
Mike took advantage of the changing conditions
as a unique teaching opportunity."

Dan Rykhus
President & CEO,
Raven Industries

"Mike is absolutely the very best speaker I've
heard at MetLife in the 20+ years that I've
been with the organization."

Phil Haslam
Divisional VP, MetLife

"I am so glad I brought Mike to FedEx to be a
significant part of our leadership development
efforts. His stories have been extremely effective in
helping us develop our next line of leaders at FedEx."

Robert Bortz
Director of Training and Development
FedEx Services

"Mike's presentation to our CEO group had
a profound influence on a pressing business
decision in our organization. His ability to draw
analogs from Antarctic exploration to business
were exceptional."

Rob Duthie
President, Datalog Technology

"Leading at 90 Below Zero was one of the
best program's I've heard at IBM in a long time."

Sarah Thomas

"Nothing to say but WOW. He motivated and
challenged a group of CEO's in a way I have
never seen before. His ability to go deep with
this group left us all feeling like we have known
Mike forever. I highly recommend Mike to address
Sales and Leadership Teams as a speaker."

Scott Smith
Executive VP, Bowman Manufacturing

"I was absolutely blown away at Mike's ability
to inspire a room of A-type sales leaders.
His ability to inter-twine a great historical story
with sales leadership, motivation and
persistence... was AMAZING!"

Jamie Shanks
MBA, Partner Sales For Life

"I have seen Mike speak at The American Association
of Inside Sales Professionals where I was giving the
keynote and I was absolutely spellbound with his
guts and stories of excellence."

Ken Krogue

"Mike's program is one of the best that our
inside sales leaders have ever had."

Bob Perkins
Founder AA-ISP

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Why Antarctica?

Antarctic Sunset

This is the most common question I hear. I asked myself the same thing in 2001 when I bought the book titled “Shackleton’s Way.” What I discovered is that Antarctic history stories are some of the most engaging, compelling and effective ways to illustrate business and selling principles for many reasons. The showcase story that my programs are built around is the Endurance story. In 1914, a team of 28 men led by Ernest Shackleton were the first group of men to attempt to cross the entire Antarctic continent on foot. The team became stranded for 2+ years before returning home. What they experienced in the Antarctic is much like today’s business climate.

Who is Mike?

Antarctic Mike Speaker

Antarctic Mike speaks from experience! He has a successful 20-year track record of success in sales, the recruitment industry, and the speaking business. An expedition to Antarctica changed his life…and his life lessons! He learned a lot about himself and about business from his adventures, and now shares these lessons with audiences across the US and Canada. Mike is a two-time polar marathoner and holds multiple world records in several endurance sports. Audiences say his programs are rich in content, very engaging and memorable.

What's in it for you?

Antarctic Mike Speaking Conference

Mike’s speaking programs are NOT just for cold weather fans and marathon runners. This is just the setting where the stories take place. The real value is how Mike engages people in the stories and links the drivers and principles to the world of the participants. People think in pictures not in words. The images and stories leave an indelible impression in their minds. When your people remember the pictures and stories, they also remember the points. When they remember the points, they actually use what they learned in the heat of the battle. Isn’t that what really counts?

Be Expedition Ready - Antarctic Mike Speaking Program


Mike's Mission

“I work with organizations who want their people fired up, fully engaged & focused on growing the business, not merely maintaining it.”

Antarctic Mike

Smashville: A Model of Business Excellence

This past week, I had the good fortune to travel to Nashville, TN to meet the NHL hockey team and speak to them.  I was introduced to coach Barry Trotz several months ago when I spoke to the staff of the Bridgestone Arena, home of the Predators.  Sea...

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